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Project title : 
A data distribution platform project from the IPSL Climate Modeling group
Period : 
March 2009 - March 2010
Coordination : 
Sébastien DENVIL

This project has been completed in March 2010.

As scientists intensify their dependence on more sophisticated next-generated coupled atmospheric-ocean-sea-ice-land models to predict future climate change, greater need is also placed on the management of climate data and resources. Central to the current and future dissemination of climate data is the Earth System Grid Center for Enabling Technologies (ESG-CET)-a DOE SciDAC-2 project established to build a "science gateway" to climate resources that provides data, information, models, analysis, and visualization tools and computational capabilities for management and analysis. CMIP5 data distribution will strongly depends on that technology.

The PRODIGUER project's goals are:

  • to make data more useful to national climate researchers by integrating widely used and mature technologies that enhances data usability; 
  • to meet specific needs which national and international climate projects have for distributed database, data access, and data movement; 
  • to provide a secure web-based data access portal for broad-based multimodel data collections; 
  • to provide a wide-range of Grid-enabled climate data analysis tools and diagnostic methods to climate centers.

Thus, PRODIGUER, is working to integrate distributed data and computers, high-bandwidth wide-area networks, and remote computing using climate data analysis tools in a highly collaborative problem-solving environment.

The Paris Climate-Environment-Society consortium supports the launching of this data distribution platform project.

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Labs involved
Project contact : 

Sébastien DENVIL

Engineer at IPSL
Sebastien.Denvil @ ipsl.jussieu.fr