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The Climate-Environment-Society consortium aims to encourage, support and coordinate interdisciplinary research into climate change and its repercussions on society and the environment.  It supports projects by using a system based on calls for projects, with the aim of:

  • Offering chairs of excellence to top level researchers;
  • Hosting young researchers or groups of young researchers on the basis of innovative projects that require the rapid setting up of a small team;
  • Funding new projects, especially of an interdisciplinary nature, and possibly articulated with European and international programmes;
  • Funding structuring projects or platforms that aim to improve interface with society about the issues addressed by the consortium;
  • Funding international collaborations on the issues addressed by the consortium;
  • Co-funding interdisciplinary PhDs;
  • Setting up information and training activities.

Actions supported

Access to the fact sheets of the projects funded by the consortium and to the information on all research activities supported financially. 

Scientific events

Access to the programmes and feedbacks (pdf and mp3 files) on the conferences and workshops organized by the consortium.

Scientific dissemination

Download the acts and synthesis published after our conferences and workshops.
Access the archives of our newletter Recherche&Climat.

Archives general information

Access all information on the life of the consortium.