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Project title : 
Randomness : Statistics & Deterministic Hazards in Society
Period : 
January 2009 - December 2010
Coordination : 
Pascal YIOU

The stakes, both scientific and societal, of climatic change are rooted on notions of risk, uncertainty and trends. These notions have been developped in mathematics for finance, and their use within environmental sciences is quite recent and sometimes clumsy by lack of formation to underlying statistical concepts. From a "sociological" viewpoint, it is quite interesting to study how these difficult notions have been integrated by physicits and how the universe to be modelized is seen by mathematicians. From a practical viewpoint, the two communities have to communicate and harmonize their language in order to make the best use of risk-based statistical concepts.

The goal of this scientific animation project is to organize four meetings a year (on a two years basis), inviting scientists from the "mathematical world" and from the "environmental/health sciences world" to share their views on a given problem (climatic change, extremes, health…).

Labs involved
Non-consortium members : 

CERES - Environmental Research and Teaching Institute (ENS - Paris)

Project contact : 

Pascal Yiou (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement) : pascal.yiou@lsce.ipsl.fr